Wildlife Trapping and Relocation in Macomb County, MI

Raccoon Trapping

Raccoons cause many homeowners stress. Raccoons cause destruction when living in your attic or under your deck. Best method for removal is by trapping and relocation.

Skunk Trapping

Many homeowners call because they either see skunks in their yard, see digging on the lawn, or smell the odor from the skunks. The best way to get rid of the skunks is to trap and relocate them.

Groundhog Trapping

Groundhogs can cause destruction to your home, garden, walkway, or rock wall. The destruction they cause is by digging tunnels creating landscaping to cave in. Trap and relocation is the best method.

Raccoon and babies trapped

More Than Just an Animal Trapper

We can get rid of any nuisance wildlife through many different techniques. Trapping and relocation is another service we have mastered. We can trap small animals or rodents like mice, squirrels, rats, shrews, and moles. We have also trapped many larger animals like raccoon's, skunks, opossums, coyotes, groundhogs and fox.

Most of our trapping calls come from customers who experience raccoon's in the attic, skunks living under the deck, or groundhogs burrowing under ground around the home.

Nuisance Animal Trapping Strategies

  • Know what animal you are trapping

  • Find all entry points

  •  Locate all food sources on the property (dog food, apples, nuts, pine cones, etc)

  • When is garbage night?

  • Use the right size trap

  • Check traps regularly 

  • Relocate the animal with in the county you are trapping it approximately 20 miles away. 

Grey Fox in a trap

Serving The Macomb County Community

We offer animal trapping, capture, and relocation services in the following Macomb County, MI cities: ArmadaCenter LineChesterfieldClinton TownshipEastpointeMount ClemonsNew BaltimoreNew HavenRichmondRomeoSaint Clair ShoresShelby TownshipSterling HeightsUticaWarrenWashington Township