Residential Wildlife Control Services in Macomb County, MI

We have serviced several hundred homes for bat removalbird controlrodent control, animal control and many other services throughout Macomb County, MI. We have serviced Shelby township, Clinton Township, New Baltimore, Sterling Heights, and all surrounding areas. Our residential services are designed to provide the best and friendly service possible to help home owners with their nuisance wildlife problem. Getting rid of pest like raccoon's, squirrels, bats, mice, and others are our specialties in residential services. We serve several types of residential homes from log cabins, bungalows, cape cods, tow story, and even 3 story homes in Macomb County, MI. There are no residential wildlife control jobs we can not manage. We have seen everything from 18 raccoons in the attic, a nest of 10 squirrels in the attic, and a colony of 1,000 plus bats in the attic. No matter the size of the job we can take it on. Below are some of the reasons you may call us for our residential services:

Pest Control on a roof
  • Scratching or noises in the attic and walls

  • Smells of dead animals or feces in the attic

  • Digging in the lawn caused by skunks or raccoons

  • Animals living under the deck

  • Animal damage to the roof or attic

  • Birds nesting in the bathroom vent

  • Mice in the basement or house

  • Muskrats living in your coy pond

  • Something living in your chimney, like raccoons

  • Something in the house like a bat, bird or squirrel

  • Wildlife emergencies

Wildlife Control Animal trappingprevention, and relocation of nuisance wild animals is our main types of services we provide residential home owners. For this service we service most parts of Macomb County, MI. For bat control on residential homes we typically provide a state wide bat removal service. We have performed many bat pest control projects in the cities of Macomb County, MI, including Armada, Center Line, Chesterfield, Clinton Twp., Eastpointe, Memphis, Mount Clemons, New Baltimore, New Haven, Romeo, St. Clair Shores, Shelby Twp., Sterling Heights, Utica, Warren, and all surrounding areas.

Attic Restoration - Once the animals are taken out of your attic, it's time to clean up the mess and damages. We provide full service attic restoration through out the state of Michigan. We have been as far north as the upper peninsula to clean out an attic no other company would take on. We had to cut holes in the ceiling to get to all of the bat guano.