Live Bat and Wildlife Exclusions in Macomb County, MI

Types of Wildlife Exclusions Performed

Bat Exclusion

Bats are excluded through an open on way door system. Because bats enter your attic at so many different entry points it is important to make sure all the points of entry get a one way door installed. We follow all of the guidelines implemented by Bat Conservation International.

Bird Exclusion

Much like bat exclusions, birds are done very similar. If there are adult birds and not a nest of babies one way doors can be installed to get rid of the birds. Exclusion devices we use are bird netting and exclusion tubes. The tubes we use are a little larger than bat exclusion tubes. With bird exclusions it is important to remove all of the nesting material, before sealing up the hole.

Squirrel Exclusion

Sometimes large nest of squirrels have to evicted from attics and homes. Trapping is a method we use, but exclusion is another method we have implemented into our services. With a one way trap door squirrels can leave through the opening, but not get back in. This allows squirrels to freely leave the attic. Within a few days we can return to remove the trap door and seal up the hole. Because rodents are constantly chewing an gnawing to file down their teeth it is very important to seal up any entry points with either a flashing or heavy gauge hardware cloth. Spray foam will not fix these openings.

Mice Exclusion

Home owners will typically call for scratching in the attic or signs of mice. Most companies will set up on a quarterly mice treatment program. This will consist of putting mice baits (poison) through out your attic. This can get expensive over time with each visit costing a fee. We take a different approach when getting rid of mice or roof rats from your attic. We install exclusion devices on your roof to allow the mice to leave on their own with out dying and being trapped inside your attic. We seal off all other potential points of entry on your home to keep the mice from returning.

Bat Exclusion

Wildlife Control Exclusion

Excluding or getting rid of nuisance wildlife from the home or attic is often a process and not an immediate solution. Squirrels, birds, bats, and mice are all attic pest which need patience and expertise to get rid of. There are multiple ways of getting rid of animals from your attic. Many solutions are inhumane and not very good practices to solve your wildlife problem. Many rodent control, bird control, or animal control solutions are done by trapping. Trapping can be a useful technique to get rid of pest in the attic, but sure will not keep future animals from returning. Many pest control companies use poisons and gases to get rid of attic pest like rats, mice, and squirrels. Our poison free method for rodent control is much better than using poison which can harm you, your pests, and your home. We have introduced a new technique to wildlife control which is a very good solutions to get rid of unwanted pest. We us a "live exclusion method" to get rid of nuisance wildlife. Below we introduce you to the steps of getting rid of unwanted pest from the attic.

Step 1: Inspection of the home to identify the problem. During the initial inspection we will locate the problem wildlife in the attic, evaluate damages, and look for entry points. During our inspection we will indicate the best  wildlife control program to get rid of your problem.

Step 2: The exclusion process. Exclusions are done by sealing up potential entry points from outside the home. We find several possible entry points on any given home. We find several possible entry points on any given home. We also locate the actual point of entry by droppings on the roof, chew marks, damages, or rubbing marks from the oils and dirt on the fur. Once the opening is located we install an exclusion device so the animal or bird can get out easily, but not get back in.

Step 3: the return visit. After the homeowner and we are confident all of the wildlife life are excluded and evicted we will return to remove the exclusion devices. When we take down the excluders we will repair the hole left open fro the bird or animal to leave. During this visit we can investigate all other repairs to make sure they are in good standing, so we keep critters out permanently.

Step 4: Sometimes a fourth visit is needed to make sure the house and attic are decontaminated and cleaned. We will fully restore your attic to the appropriate state to make sure it is cleaned and fungi free. We don't always need to clean up your attic, but sometime it is necessary to keep the attic safe and to it's proper constructive state.

Wildlife Control Exclusion- Serving Macomb County, MI

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